Hi, my name is Cupcake. I’m 9 years old this year (2012). If I am a human I should be 52 years old so you can call me “Aunt Cupcake.” I am proud to be an important member of “Doggie Doo” school.

The school has opened for about 9 years. When I was young, my boss, Khun Pup, usually took me outside to exercise and train. She seemed satisfy with the result of our activities. Khun Pup then made a decision to open one of the first dog schools in Thailand “Doggie Doo”. (The name is derived from the famous cartoon “Scoopy Doo” which was favored by both I and Khun Pup.)
At first, the school had only a dog training ground. Then the dog hotel and swimming pool were added as extensions. I heard that it is the second swimming pool for dogs in Thailand!

Since this place has been opened for a long time, our teachers do have lots of experiences. They knew how to look after the dogs from different breeds. The teachers are so kind to all students, and usually give valuable recommendation to dogs’ owners. I am proud to say that “Doggie Doo” is an international school. I have so many friends from so many different nationalities such as Welsh Corgi, German Shepherd, and Siberian Husky. We teach in both Thai and English depending on what language the owners want.

I believed that coming to this place will not only make the dog become healthy, but also provide him or her the chance to socialize with many friends. Socializing with others is necessary to teach the dog about the manner. If the dog doesn’t familiar to be with other dogs, he or she may become aggressive.

So far, Doggie Doo has sent many groups of dog athlete to compete in big competitions. We won many awards and being famous for that. Now Doggie Doo already has 2 branches, one at Yen-ar-kat and the other at Rangsit. Khun Pup said that the school motto is to provide the best service to all dog regardless of their origins.

If you are interesting in our school, please visit us. Aunt Cupcake surely will welcome you!