Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Our School does have the swimming pool service with clean and clear water. Aunt Cupcake bet that any dog seeing this pool will not be hesitating to jump in! Moreover, this pool has the overflow system to recycle the water and keep the pool water always fresh and clean.

The guests those come to this pool have different reasons. Some just want the pets to enjoy swimming. The others want their pets to have an exercise. You know, exercising is necessary since we dogs surely need to be fit and firm to be able to show our beautiful self on the stage and socialize with our fabulous peers.

The other reason is the medical method called “Hydrotherapy.” It is the best natural way to cure the dogs that have problem about joint, bone, and muscle. Exercising in the water will reduce the chance of injury that may occur from normal exercise.

In case that the dog is not familiar with water, Doggie Doo also has staffs to train the dog to swim. We provide the life jacket for dogs of various sizes. Basically all dogs do have the swimming skill and just need a little push to practice it.

Little Swimming Rules:

* No reservation is required. our service is provided on first come first serve basis.
* Many dogs can enjoy the pool at the same time if they can all get along
* Dogs must have all the vacination required and do not have tick/flea
* Dog's owner can enjoy swimming with his/her dog.
* Extra charge of 3,000 bhts is required if your dog had vomitted or ... in the pool
* 1 session = 1 hr
* We accept dog for swimming until 4 pm. only
* Hugmee Shampoo is used to shampoo your dog

Below is the case study from Thongeak, my friend who can cure his seemed incurable disease just by swimming.

Case Study – Tongeak