Case Study 1 - Bambi

Bambi, a 2-year-old Chihuahua dog, is raised by two owners, Khun Kae and her sister, Khun Ked. They once had a mixed-breed dog named Fah-Lan. They heard about Doggie Doo and wanted to bring him there since he was quite a lazy one. They didn’t expect much, but surprisingly, Fah-Lan turned to be such strong and active dog because of the training.

Later on, Khun Kae and Khun Ked received Bambi from their relative. They thought it was a Chihuahua mixed one, however, after checking with the petshops, it was confirmed that Bambi is a pure breed. Actually, she is a very original one rooted back to old days in Mexico. If she was a lady, she would probably be a duchess.

When Bambi was a baby, she was weak and fragile. She hated being on a leash and didn’t like walking with it. Also, she often bit owners’ feet and fingers and barked at strangers. After she reached 4 months old, Khun Kae consulted with Doggie Doo in training, food nutrition, and treatment, then she got very healthy and lively.

In training, when she got first started, she was a slow learner. Even after she completed the ‘Basic Obedience’ course, she still couldn’t perform basic actions. Everyone agreed that she was very dull.

However, things drastically changed after a while. Not only could she do basic actions, but also she could pick up new lessons quickly. Even the difficult one, like walk limping, that usually took a dog about two weeks to a month to learn, she could do it within a day.

Since then, Bambi has shined above other dogs in her class. She was honorably selected to be a representative from Doggie Doo in numerous dog shows and competitions and won several awards. One of the proudest moments was that she won the first place in skill contest in Pet Expo at Impact Arena, Bangkok. Currently, there are countless medals and trophies at her home. Her favorite move is dancing; she dances by herself after music is on without the command from the trainer.

Khun Kae and Khun Ked are owners of a kindergarten school. They often take Bambi to school and have her perform on stage in school performance day. Bambi is always children’s favorite and admirably one of the smartest dogs in Doggie Doo.
Lastly, Khun Kae would like to leave a tip to all dog owners out there that raising a dog, especially small one, is a delicate task. Every owner should try to understand its feeling and always show some passion and love to it.