Case Study 2 - Yung

Yung, a Thai male Bangkaew breed, was born on 5 November 2010 and her proud owner is Khun Kitti Angsusingha , PROF.EMERITUS M.D.

At first, Khun Kitti would like to have a Thai dog that can guard his house. When he and his family went to a dog show at Suan Sampran, they found a booth with about 6-7 Thai Bangkaew dogs. Khun Kitti noticed a dog with good form having a singha-shaped head, with stand-up ear, so he picked this one out and called him ‘Yung’. Later, his son also wanted another dog, so he got another male Bangkaew and named him ‘Poo poo’.

Unfortunately, Poo Poo and Yung had problem living together. They often had quarrel with each other. Since Khun Kitti didn’t have much space in his house for his dogs to run around, Yung didn’t have enough excersie. In time, he became quite aggressive and often attacked other dogs and strangers. Even worse, he had dog enemies in neighborhood and he would consider these dogs’ owners as enemies as well and attacked them. Yung was such a strong dog and difficult to control.

When Khun Kitti tried to find a school for Yung, no school accept him, saying that Yung was already 1 year 3 months and too old to be trained. Then Khun Kitti was introduced to Khun Pup, Doggie Doo founder, who accepted Yung. Therefore, Yung joined the training school at Doggie Doo Rangsit and Khun Kitti would visit him once every 10 days or so.

Khun Kitti, at first, doubted that the training would not help Yung. Surprisingly, Yung did very impressive job. He really enjoys and can perform Basic Obedience skill perfectly. He is always trainer’s favorite and is playful with other dogs’ owners. He likes them to scratch his stomach. Like most Thai Bangkaew dog, Yung loves swimming. He can exercise and swim all day long at Doggie Doo.
After having success with Yung, however, Khun Kitti still had concern about Poo Poo, so he sent Poo Poo to Doggie Doo as well. After 10 days in a great training environment, he completely changes his behavior. Yung and Poo Poo get along very well and enjoy playing with each other. Khun Kitti is happily surprised after seeing a video of them playing together recorded by the trainer.

After coming home, Yung now slowly walk with Khun Kitti and not pull him. The trainer also suggests that a way to keep two dogs happily is not giving them food next to each other. By giving them separately, they would not compare and get jealous. Yung has been training for more than 3 months now. Khun Kitti is very happy with the progress.

Lastly, Khun Kitti would like to leave a tip for all Bangkaew owners out there that Bangkaew is naturally love and loyal to his owners. However it is not easy to raise him. If there are several people in the house, everyone must help on raising him, so he will recognize that all are his owners and he must respect them. In addition, Bangkaew is an energetic dog. Owners should have spacious area for them to exercise.